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White Marble


Nate Wright hired Lisa Fennimore to be his sous chef at a resort in the Green Mountains of Vermont on Valentine's Day, 2006. Their paths separated and their culinary careers twisted and turned. By the time they moved in together on Valentine's Day 2020, they were certain that one day, their love and passion for delicious food and each other would lead to opening a business together. This dream was manifested in April 2021 when Marble Valley Catering was born in the kitchen of their home in Proctor, VT.

In January, 2022, Nate purchased the former Killington Avenue Deli in Rutland to become the new home base for Marble Valley Catering. The new Marble Valley Kitchen opened for lunch and sometimes dinner on February 23, 2022, offering a varied menu which reflects the eclectic population of its home city.

Notable qualifications

  • ServSafe certified chefs

  • Cooked at notable locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont since the mid 1990's

  • State of Vermont Teaching License with decades of experience with diverse learners of all ages

  • Nutritional training and plenty of experience with cooking for dietary restrictions and food allergies

WE BELIEVE that people are people, and we welcome all kind folks to our table, regardless of who they love, the color of their skin, whether they're from around here, how they worship, what their abilities are, how they vote, where life has taken them in the past, what they wear, where their ancestors are from, etc.

Just be nice and we'll be happy to help you.

Nate Wright and Lisa Fennimore in various places - Times Square in New York City, Pittsburgh Steelers football games, camping, at concerts, cooking, in costume as Bowser and Princess Peach, in front of their business sign, at the Boston Fish Market, dressed up for a gala
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